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Régis was born on the 15th of January 1950 in Paris, France. 
At this time, his two grandfathers are musicians. 
One plays classical trombone and violin, the other one is drummer 
in the "guinguettes" balls. By the age of 5 he is already captured by 
the sounds of percussion instruments and starts to play drums at 6.

As a teenager, he studies art and graphism in Paris, but at the same time 
he's always keeping an eye on music, his main passion. That's when he 
becomes a "multi-instrument"  player, playing flute, guitar and 
piano with his friends. But at this time, particularly guitar with two 
of them who will become quiet famous: Marc Bozonnet who became 
guitar player with Johnny Hallyday and Hugues Aufray, and 
Marc Fosset, faithful  jazz guitarist for 20 years with Mr Stéphane Grapelli.

After few years playing guitar,  mostly for recording sessions, Régis is 
discovering the musical  writing. He's caught!
Then, he decides to put his guitars back in them cases and become an 

His arranger / conductor career begins in 1975 with a contract from an 
international record company.
Since then, he has  worked with leading music artists in France, travelled 
all around the planet as the arranger / conductor for Richard Clayderman 
concerts during 14 years, and has orchestrated and/or conducted for 
many recordings, in the last period mainly for Motion Picture Sound  
Tracks and very known french and foreign artists.
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